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Mandrill Outage Details and Actions

On January 11, 2020, the Mandrill will be upgrading their infrastructure resulting in an outage from 1am – 7am EST. There is important information and additional optional adjustments that can be made to improve your site’s performance during this scheduled downtime. … Read More

Kevin Carwile - Miller Media Chief Technology Officer

Announcing Kevin Carwile as Chief Technology Officer

Miller Media today is announcing it has named Kevin Carwile as its Chief Technology Officer. Carwile, who originally joined the company on October 10, 2016, will be responsible for driving technological implementations for clients as well as security, product engineering … Read More

Mark Gonzalez - Miller Media Chief Revenue Officer

Announcing Mark Gonzalez as Chief Revenue Officer

Miller Media today is announcing it has named Mark Gonzalez as Chief Revenue Officer. Gonzalez, who originally joined the company on September 17, 2019, will be responsible for the company’s revenue sustainability and growth opportunities as well as overseeing the … Read More

Matt Miller selected as a certified Codeable Expert

CEO Matt Miller, alongside the Miller Media team, took part in a thorough, five step process as part of the evaluation and selection to become a certified Codeable Expert. At Miller Media we strongly believe in Codeable’s principles of quality and customer service and know we will be a great fit in the community. … Read More

Volusion Bandwidth Costs: How we saved clients thousands of dollars a month w/ CloudFlare

Is your e-commerce business thriving but you’re looking to save on Volusion bandwidth costs? This is something we have heard from many of our clients. There is a simple solution to save money on bandwidth so you can put it into improving other aspects of your site and increase your sales. That simple solution is the caching and security service, Cloudflare. … Read More

Matt Miller chosen for the Leadership Contra Costa program

Matt Miller, CEO of Miller Media, has been selected as a member of the 2018-2019 Leadership Contra Costa program, following a thorough application process. … Read More

Matt Miller joins in on the Trim Healthy Podcast

CEO Matt Miller had an amazing time joining the Trim Healthy Mama team for episode 76 of their Trim Healthy Podcast. … Read More

CEO Matt Miller speaks at Nashville Songwriters Association International event

Matt Miller, CEO of Miller Media, was invited to speak at the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) event on June 28th, in Tennessee. This event had an exceptional turnout as attendees came to learn more about the fusion of technology and the music industry. Miller’s background of ten years in the music industry and seven years in technology and business provide him with a unique skillset to share. … Read More