Matt Miller selected as a certified Codeable Expert

Codeable expert logo

CEO Matt Miller, alongside the Miller Media team, took part in a thorough, five step process as part of the evaluation and selection to become a certified Codeable Expert. These steps included an application, a test project, an interview/live coding test, a final interview, and a trial period. Following this process, Miller Media was one of the 2% that emerged successful. We are grateful to be elected as a Codeable expert, knowing they trust our vision and process, and we are excited to continue offering the services of Miller Media to additional clients.

Codeable is a WordPress community made by developers, for developers, that connects over 22,000 clients with the Codeable Expert team. Individuals and companies that need both small and large scale work completed present their needs to the handpicked certified professionals, and discuss and work with them to find the best match. At Miller Media we strongly believe in Codeable’s principles of quality and customer service and know we will be a great fit in the community.

For more information on the Codeable, the #1 Outsourcing Service for WordPress, see their website here:

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