Volusion Bandwidth Costs: How we saved clients thousands of dollars a month w/ CloudFlare

Is your e-commerce business thriving but you’re looking to save on Volusion bandwidth costs? This is something we have heard from many of our clients. There is a simple solution to save money on bandwidth so you can put it into improving other aspects of your site and increase your sales. That simple solution is the caching and security service, Cloudflare.

Miller Media has been a Volusion Expert for the past five years and have helped build great e-commerce sites for clients across many varied industries. Volusion offers a nice out-of-the-box solution to get an e-commerce store up and running quickly. As your store thrives though, the cost of overage Volusion bandwidth can end up cutting deeply into your overall profit. Thankfully there are CDN and caching services that can alleviate these overages and, in our opinion, Cloudflare is the best.

Simply, Cloudflare saves the content of your site to their own servers after it loads the first time for a user. Every subsequent page view loads the site content from Cloudflare’s servers which are optimized for speed and security. Volusion’s business is e-commerce not content delivery and bandwidth optimization. Alternatively, Cloudflare’s business is content delivery, bandwidth optimization and security not e-commerce. By taking advantage of the core competencies of both Volusion and Cloudflare, your site will perform optimally and you will save money every month.

Our team here at Miller Media has set up Cloudflare on many sites for clients. We have developed a unique and extremely effective approach to managing Cloudflare installs. As I was typing this article, I looked at the stats on just four of the sites we have applied Cloudflare to. In just the past 24 hours, we have saved those clients a total of over 85GB of bandwidth and an average of 84% of their total bandwidth.

If you have high Volusion bandwidth costs, we would love to help you save money. There is no risk with the way we bill for this service. We only get paid as a percentage based on the savings you will immediately see on your Volusion site. We also do not require you to transfer control of any of your assets to us (domain, hosting, logins, etc.).

Miller Media offers custom Volusion plugins to enhance your store’s functionality. View and purchase the plugins here: https://millermedia.io/product-category/custom-plugins/volusion-plugins/

To get started with Volusion today: https://www.volusion.com/

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