Announcing Kevin Carwile as Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Carwile - Miller Media Chief Technology Officer
Kevin Carwile - Miller Media Chief Technology Officer

Miller Media today is announcing it has named Kevin Carwile as its Chief Technology Officer. Carwile, who originally joined the company on October 10, 2016, will be responsible for driving technological implementations for clients as well as security, product engineering and architecture.

Carwile becomes Chief Technology Officer after three years at Miller Media as a senior software engineer. His experience has led Miller Media to innovate on their approach to web and mobile software architecture for clients across the world. Carwile’s leadership in building scalable solutions has resulted in work for Miller Media with over 150 clients resulting in more than 1.2 million total online orders for the company’s clients’ e-commerce stores.

“Kevin’s technological leadership has transformed our business since he arrived three years ago,” said Matt Miller, Chief Executive Officer. “Allowing him to continue that role but be more active in the day to day processes and our long term strategy are critical to delivering the best quality for our clients as well as attracting talent to our company in the highly competitive Bay Area tech scene.”

“Miller Media is in a period of growth and in order to effectively scale I felt it was important to build out an executive team to guide the business to the next level,” said Miller. “I’m very excited for the future, particularly the next couple of years, where the company has an opportunity to accelerate the growth we’ve realized over the past eight years.”

Prior to working for Miller Media, Carwile ran his own web design company and co-founded a successful music licensing e-commerce startup.

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